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I came into fitness facing motivational struggles of my own.  Overcoming those wasn’t easy, especially when I didn’t see my own body changing in the ways that my education taught me it should.  My education and my own experiences have helped me understand how each body is different and how this alone can make so many people feel discouraged when they don’t see the results they want.  I also understand how to nurture those limitations and assist the body to develop to its fullest potential. 

I continue to face my struggles with fitness every day.  I am always on the quest to find the exercise that is right for me, the one that feels good. I'm finally able to call exercise my hobby, but that doesn't keep me from having unmotivated days.

Something has happened along the way, though. I believe in my body now…and that feels good.



2009 -- NSCA Re-Certification
2008 -- NSCA National Conference
2008 -- NSCA Nutritional Seminar
2008 -- Red Cross First Aid/CPR
2007 -- NSCA WA Conference
2005 -- NSCA Personal Trainers Conference
2005 -- Red Cross First Aid/CPR
2004 -- NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
2004 -- Red Cross CPR/First Aid/ (Delete) Sports Safety
2003 -- YMCA/IDEA Get Real Weight Management Instructor
2003 -- YMCA Upper Body Rubber Resistance
2003 -- YMCA Core Strengthening
2003 -- Heart Zones Blue Shirt Personal Trainer
2002 -- YMCA Personal Trainer
2002 -- Resist-a-Ball Level One



Winter 2004 -- Lake Washington Technical College, Associates of Applied Science; Fitness Specialist

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