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The client/trainer relationship is an important one and I encourage anyone who is interested in hiring a trainer to shop around and meet anyone they may be considering.  The changes that occur over the course of an exercise program can be dramatic both inside and out and you will want to make sure that you have the right educator there to mentor you.  I will be happy to meet with you at your request, free of charge, to help you in that choice.

During the first session, I perform a fitness assessment in order to set a baseline from which we can refer back to in the future.  We’ll review medical history and get any clearances that are necessary (including any forms and waivers).  During this time we’ll also discuss goals, past barriers, general nutrition guidelines and assess your overall potential fitness performance so that I can individualize a program that will best fit your needs. 

Each session thereafter would depend on the level of involvement that you choose from Support Fitness.

Group Session:

Maybe you want to learn more.  Maybe you’ve already decided to make the commitment but your friends could use some encouraging.  Maybe you know you are going to need a partner in your battle. 

Invite your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to join you in your home or office to learn more about home fitness, setting goals, recognizing obstacles and attaining skills to overcome them, and some general nutrition tips.

Classes are held at host/hostesses location and are $15 per person*.  Each class includes lecture, handouts and home exercise demonstrations (no equipment needed).

For hosting a class, host/hostess receives a free fitness assessment.  Host/Hostess will also receive one free personal training session for each guest who signs up for a future personal training package (or hosts their own class) during the class.

*Classes are set to a minimum of 4 (maximum of 6) attendees per class.

Private Session:

During each session, the workout will be reviewed for any discrepancies and redesigned (if needed). I will be available in the interim via e-mail and phone for consultation and motivation.

My personal training rates (for in-client-home training) are
$75 an hour for a single session.  The following packages are also available:

5 sessions @ $70 each
10 sessions @ $60 each

(all packages must be used within 3 months of purchase)

For a reduced per-person rate, group exercise sessions can be arranged with consideration to overall goals, health considerations and compatible fitness assessments. Please inquire if interested.


Per WAC 458-20-183, sales tax will be applied to all private sessions.